Definition of ogee in English:


Pronunciation /əʊˈdʒiː//ˈəʊdʒiː/


  • Showing in section a double continuous S-shaped curve.

    • ‘It consists of a double bottom board to which a complex base molding and scrolled ogee feet are attached.’
    • ‘From a high central half-round, the skirt descends along cyma or ogee curves to cusps that set off shallow arches with small half-rounds in the middle.’
    • ‘The guttering on the house is highly distinctive, not the usual half-cylinder, but a very fancy affair with a sort of ogee profile, made so as to look like a pediment from ground level.’
    • ‘During the late 1780s, Chapin's shop gradually shifted from cabriole-legged case furniture to forms with oxbow facades and ogee feet.’
    • ‘Despite its late date, the conservative display of raised-panel doors, applied ogee moldings, and a scalloped opening to the display area are all borrowed from eighteenth-century design.’
    meandering, zigzagging, snaking, snaky, winding, wiggly, squiggly, crooked, tacking, twisting, twisty, full of twists and turns, curving, curvy, wavy, deviating, undulating, sinuous, serpentine, tortuous, irregular
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  • An S-shaped line or moulding.

    • ‘The Pennsylvania versions sometimes have ogees or beads filed onto corners of the beard or at the base of the poll.’
    • ‘The plane in the center cuts a fillet and small reverse ogee, the fillet sunk 5/16 inch below the surface.’
    • ‘Only the fronts of the legs are decorated with a molding of opposed ogees separated by a bead interrupted by clusters of three carved balls.’
    • ‘Of the 286 planes, the majority, were simple moldings like common ogees, astragals, beads, hollows and rounds.’
    • ‘Of Near Eastern inspiration are the arabesques, ogees, scrolls, and flower heads outlined in raised gold paste.’


Late Middle English: apparently from ogive (with which it was originally synonymous). The current sense arose in the late 17th century.