Definition of Oflag in English:



  • A German prison camp for captured enemy officers.

    Compare with Stalag
    • ‘He spent about 18 days in the hospital at Mersa Matru and then about three months in Friesing, 20 days at Hohemark, and two weeks at Oflag 21 B.’
    • ‘Writing to London from Oflag IX A / H, he pressed for the return, or at least for the removal to a neutral territory, of those POWs who had also been prisoners in World War I.’
    • ‘British Freemasons, incarcerated in Oflag 79 at Brunswick in Germany, made instruments out of wood stripped from their sleeping bunks and metal pilfered from the debris of bombed buildings.’
    • ‘His letters betrayed little about the grim realities about life behind the wire of Oflag 79 - and had they done so, the information would have been removed by his captors.’
    • ‘Allied officers interned in the east German prison camp Oflag IVC - known as Castle Colditz - endure the privations of captivity while attempting to do the apparently impossible: escape.’


German, contraction of Offizier(s)lager ‘officers' camp’.