Definition of offset printing in English:

offset printing


mass noun
  • Printing by the offset process.

    ‘offset printing is better for huge runs of the same design’
    • ‘Used in conjunction with offset printing, it can generate an image with both depth and motion.’
    • ‘The earlier magazines of the late 1960s were largely roneoed, primarily because the revolution in offset printing hadn't as yet taken on.’
    • ‘With the Russo-Japanese war, photography and photo-mechanical techniques such as offset printing, rapidly began to replace lithography.’
    • ‘Finally, there was the advent of offset printing, as opposed to letterpress, or impression, printing, the only method any of us then on staff knew anything about.’
    • ‘In the 1950s, offset printing processes began to be used.’
    • ‘The training programmes include offset printing, screen printing, and book-binding.’
    • ‘I have gone through the industry from the miraculous transformation from hot metal and mess to the clinical technology of computerised keyboarding and offset printing.’
    • ‘In offset printing a plane surface is employed.’
    • ‘Economies of scale are gained on off-site services such as graphic design, offset printing and other print-related services, which are provided at reduced rates.’
    • ‘All stamps in Taiwan are made using the offset printing technique.’