Definition of officially in English:



  • 1In a formal and public way.

    ‘on June 24 the election campaign will officially begin’
    • ‘The site will be officially opened to the public in spring, when a kissing gate is installed at the roadside.’
    • ‘He mentioned his brother when he officially launched his campaign in June this year.’
    • ‘At the end of this month, he will officially begin the process of ‘setting out’.’
    • ‘It is silent running and produces zero emissions and was officially launched on to the Irish market last month.’
    • ‘Montana officials have officially closed all public land in the entire western half of the state.’
    • ‘The bakery, which will make fresh bread several times each day, will officially open to the public on Monday.’
    • ‘The institution had to close its doors officially last week.’
    • ‘Until that date nobody is officially standing at the election in Hove.’
    • ‘He is due to be officially elected at the formal mayor making ceremony on May 10.’
    • ‘Davis has left today free before officially launching his campaign on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Autumn may have only officially begun today but already we are seeing the leaves in Yorkshire begin to their dramatic change.’
    • ‘Neither is particularly appealing, although as the day officially begins at ten I guess the latter is more sensible.’
    • ‘The organizations will officially file questions regarding the fuel prices to the oil firm, he added.’
    • ‘The election campaign begins officially tomorrow, barring some catastrophe overnight.’
    • ‘The hunt for a new apartment officially began on Saturday with me making about 10 calls.’
    • ‘There are challenging times ahead indeed, as he officially takes over his new position in January.’
    • ‘The exhibition officially opens to the public today and admission is included in the normal entry price.’
    • ‘The festival began on Thursday and officially ended on Sunday evening.’
    • ‘The formal business of officially opening the premises is then expected to take place.’
    • ‘Like Cameron, he is expected to launch his leadership campaign officially within the next fortnight.’
    • ‘Events officially began when a government official gave permission for people of all ranks to wear masks.’
    1. 1.1 With the authority of the government or other organization.
      ‘it was officially acknowledged that the economy was in recession’
      • ‘Why on earth would they allow one of them to spend his whole time building models and yet never officially acknowledge the practice?’
      • ‘However, the airlines do not want them to be officially approved at the present prices.’
      • ‘The government will be thinking carefully about how it acknowledges the accolade officially.’
      • ‘It wasn't a big secret at the time, it was just not officially admitted until recently.’
      • ‘The call came as the borders were officially declared closed by authorities worried about the mass influx.’
      • ‘The country has never officially acknowledged, apologised or paid reparations for its crimes.’
      • ‘It was on this that he spent most of his money but he did financially support a daughter whom he refused to officially acknowledge.’
      • ‘The British government officially recognised Madagascar as an independent country in 1820.’
      • ‘There is a big gap between estimates of the numbers wounded and the figure that the military officially admits.’
      • ‘In fact the use of containers for such storage was officially authorised.’
      • ‘It took 75 years for the authorities to officially admit that the letter was forged.’
      • ‘The Sun reported that they will be officially informed by the CPS today that the case was being dropped.’
      • ‘He said he would quit after his candidacy was officially accepted by the election committee.’
      • ‘Red caps, badges, distinct ties and other emblems confer authority on to officially endorsed senior pupils.’
      • ‘In May 2001, Cohen was officially made a fugitive from justice by the US authorities.’
      • ‘What the city has known for some time has been officially acknowledged by the Chief Superintendent.’
      • ‘A further revision in 1928, though not officially authorized, is in use in some places.’
      • ‘It has urged people this weekend to attend only officially authorised protests.’
      • ‘Permit restrictions mean you'll have to travel with an officially approved operator.’
      • ‘This is the only main course in Italian cuisine whose recipe has been officially approved and laid down.’
    2. 1.2 In public and for official purposes but not necessarily so in reality.
      sentence adverb ‘there is a possibility he was murdered—officially, he died in a car smash’
      • ‘Cannibalism is something that existed just in the past, at least officially, and gets condemned each time it occurs.’
      • ‘Although caste officially does not exist, everyone knows not only their own caste, but that of everyone else.’
      • ‘The neighbours in unofficial whispers talk about his activities but officially they know nothing.’
      • ‘The report never made it to the president's desk, and thus never officially existed.’
      • ‘Unemployment officially did not exist, and every worker's right to a job was enshrined in the Constitution.’
      • ‘For taxation purposes, the deal has been officially classed as a demerger rather than a management buyout.’
      • ‘Though officially this was a full-blooded hunt, in reality it was little more than a glorified pony ride in the country.’