Definition of officialdom in English:



mass nounderogatory
  • The officials in an organization or government department, considered as a group.

    ‘his many encounters with officialdom and bureaucracy’
    count noun ‘the union officialdom has extended its hand to the government’
    • ‘It takes a long time for officialdom to realise that the supply needs to be improved.’
    • ‘Entrepreneurs who make sure they cultivate links with officialdom have been welcomed.’
    • ‘He also thinks the country's officialdom is masterful at manipulation.’
    • ‘Initially, officialdom was concerned with military requirements.’
    • ‘They were sure that officialdom would now take notice of their concerns.’
    • ‘A family without a representative in officialdom lacked protection for its wealth and privileges.’
    • ‘Officialdom decides to employ their minions to deride the credibility of all who oppose them.’
    • ‘Nobody in global officialdom seems willing to do anything about it.’
    • ‘Their only flaw is adherence to officialdom.’
    • ‘Officialdom tends to scoff at these claims.’