Definition of office politics in English:

office politics


  • treated as singular or plural Actions and behaviour involving competition for status or power in a workplace.

    ‘the design process can be influenced as much by office politics as by engineering considerations’
    ‘I got sick of the office politics’
    • ‘The movies devastatingly explored the sinister nexus of sexual and office politics.’
    • ‘There's no jealously, no office politics.’
    • ‘The state of modern journalism and the intricacies of office politics are dissected vigorously in the film.’
    • ‘The entertainment aspect melds well with the spoof on office politics.’
    • ‘Many staff have spoken about how the office politics of the paper resembled a mediaeval court in recent years.’
    • ‘When you offer solutions and your advice is not completely taken, recognize that it could be office politics at work.’
    • ‘Office politics can harm motivation and productivity.’
    • ‘She is betrayed by a co-worker in a game of office politics.’
    • ‘He plays a former hotshot Army lawyer brought down by office politics and alcoholism.’
    • ‘The book looks at the role hair can play in romance, office politics and teenage jockeying for status.’