Definition of office girl in English:

office girl


  • A young woman employed to do routine tasks in a business office.

    ‘a city office girl’
    • ‘Miss Davies, 56, started at the Milland Road factory as an office girl at 16.’
    • ‘One of the office girls is always asking me for advice on this and that.’
    • ‘Two young office girls approached, stopped, and threw in fifty pence each.’
    • ‘When I came here, I got a job as a standard-issue office girl.’
    • ‘As soon as you went in you'd have a laugh with the office girls and the kitchen staff.’
    • ‘Pam, who was an office girl, was aware of the substitution.’
    • ‘She is thrilled when the new office girl seems keen to befriend her.’
    • ‘The experience of the office girl really resonated with my own early working life in various dull jobs, where most of my time I was desperate to escape.’
    • ‘I found out that she had once been a normal happy office girl in Tokyo.’
    • ‘Working-class women and office girls thronged the women's ready-to-wear department, trying on clothes for hours in front of mirrors.’