Definition of office boy in English:

office boy


  • A young man employed to do routine tasks in a business office.

    • ‘He left school at 15 and began work as an office boy at his local electricity service provider.’
    • ‘He left school early to work as an office boy in a London underwriting and insurance company.’
    • ‘He had joined the Railway Works as an office boy, and his duties involved walking through workshops where asbestos was used.’
    • ‘Marvin, who was an office boy at the agency, is brought in later when pupil numbers increase.’
    • ‘Jack was also the guy who mistook Gates for an office boy at the start of that meeting.’
    • ‘He started as an office boy at Swindon but he used to walk through the workshops where asbestos was being used.’
    • ‘His first art work experience was as an office boy and apprentice artist for Harper's Bazaar magazine drawing shoes.’
    • ‘He then worked as an office boy; studied shorthand; and became reporter of debates in the Commons for the Morning Chronicle.’
    • ‘He began his life as an office boy and rose to become a cinema hall owner and producer.’
    • ‘I immediately reported to the parking attendance and security personnel on duty, witnessed by my office boy.’
    • ‘He began his working life as an office boy in City Hall at the age of 12.’
    • ‘Notice the men in the foreground standing at their desks and the office boy towards the right in his stiff white collar.’
    • ‘He started as an office boy and worked his way up to a place where he can laugh.’
    • ‘Even the office boy knows that, given the current strength of the economy, with strong growth and labour and other shortages, stimulating further spending by tax cuts is foolish.’


office boy