Definition of offensiveness in English:



  • See offensive

    • ‘They shouldn't consider the author's past offensiveness, or the reprehensibleness of the ideas he expresses outside the paper.’
    • ‘Whatever offensiveness the film once possessed has been diluted by the passage of time; now it simply feels stylish and bittersweet, if esoterically so.’
    • ‘Whether intentional or not, the racial offensiveness and insensitivity of Summers' remarks and actions must be acknowledged, criticized, and vigorously resisted.’
    • ‘The next day, one of these emailers responded that he thought my reply was disproportionate to the offensiveness of his email; I agreed and apologized for having reacted inappropriately.’
    • ‘My plan was simple: create a conflict between those who would be offended by the piece and those who would say its offensiveness gave it merit as powerful, thought-provoking art.’