Definition of offensive line in English:

offensive line


American Football
  • 1The line of offensive players positioned on the line of scrimmage, directly opposite the defensive line.

    ‘the offensive line didn't play that well in the first half of the season’
    ‘Heckert bolstered the right side of the offensive line’
    • ‘The Texans can never have enough geniuses on the offensive line.’
    • ‘Part of their scheme was to try to keep the offensive line guessing where he was coming from, and it was very successful.’
    • ‘Nearly the entire offensive line is returning, which may end up being the most important factor, since most games are won in the trenches.’
    • ‘The Seahawks didn't play well offensively, particularly on the offensive line.’
    • ‘He's trying to play behind a very shaky offensive line.’
    1. 1.1 The position of a player stationed on the offensive line.
      ‘he was born to play offensive line’
      • ‘He's is a fourth-year physical education student from Ontario who plays offensive line for the Golden Hawks.’
      • ‘He's played offensive line five years, which isn't much time at all.’
      • ‘They could've asked a couple more of us to play offensive line.’
      • ‘His older brother plays offensive line for Alabama, and this could end up being a major factor in his recruitment.’
      • ‘The school should accept these student athletes only if they agree to play offensive line.’