Definition of off the shelf in English:

off the shelf


  • Not designed or made to order but taken from existing stock or supplies.

    ‘off-the-shelf software packages’
    • ‘In Japan and some parts of Scandinavia you can buy a house off the shelf.’
    • ‘The electronic speed controller which works through a conventional twist grip throttle was bought off the shelf.’
    • ‘You can buy software specific to an industry and specific to one need, off the shelf, without having to buy a whole package.’
    • ‘So in all probability, they took the stadium plans off the shelf.’
    • ‘No one out there is buying off the shelf without some recompense to their own industry or their own workers.’
    • ‘Recruits, knowledge, ideas and even cash could be had off the shelf.’
    • ‘All cost around £20 and are available off the shelf or next day at the dealer.’
    • ‘You ditch the standard template you grabbed off the shelf when you first started blogging, in favour of a design of your own making.’
    • ‘My busy Lizzies are grown from seed rather than bought in off the shelf but, unfortunately, they never reach the seeding stage.’
    • ‘This is the software you buy shrink-wrapped off the shelf or download from the Internet onto your computer.’