Definition of off the grid in English:

off the grid


  • Not connected to the basic services, especially electricity.

    • ‘Instead, most property is owned provisionally or even illegally, which means that large numbers of people live off the grid, escaping taxes and pilfering their utilities.’
    • ‘Our homes will be powered by micropower units that will allow us all to get off the grid.’
    • ‘She now lives off the grid in a 16-by - 16-foot cabin, powered by the sun in the summer and by a Pelton wheel turbine in the winter, and has immersed her life in tree politics.’
    • ‘Most people who are off the grid (at least those living in the United States), rely on some combination of alternative energy such as wind, photovoltaic or hydro.’
    • ‘Being off the grid means not checking the endless flow of work related emails sent directly to me or to one of the any number of internal mail lists I'm on.’
    • ‘When all is said and done, getting off the grid is more than producing your own energy, it is a state of mind.’
    • ‘Dan Takahashi, who runs Enersol Solar Products out of Campbellville, about one hour northwest of Toronto, cautions that getting off the grid may not be for most consumers, yet.’
    • ‘If you are off the grid, then you will need to decide how large you want your battery bank to be.’
    • ‘The cabin could also be equipped with a photo-voltaic system and a passive-solar water heater so that it could function off the grid.’
    • ‘For all of 1993 and '94, Spek lived in his bus at the back of a vacant parking lot in Toronto's west end, finally coming to terms with Toronto winters off the grid.’