Definition of off the cuff in English:

off the cuff


  • Without preparation.

    ‘they posed some difficult questions to answer off the cuff’
    as modifier ‘an off-the-cuff remark’
    • ‘This may seem to give disproportionate attention to a single off the cuff remark.’
    • ‘They said they'd rehearsed but they would have been better doing something off the cuff.’
    • ‘He was one of our more experienced players but in saying that, although he tried hard on Sunday a lot of stuff he did was off the cuff and no use to the side at all.’
    • ‘I think he'd be able to answer questions quicker off the cuff.’
    • ‘Does one memorise a previously written piece, read verbatim from a carefully prepared script, or speak off the cuff and risk drying up?’
    • ‘My remark was off the cuff and I stress that at that time I had made no calculation as to possible damage to the reversionary interest.’
    • ‘His prepared, textbook address at the sod-turning ceremony on Tuesday somehow took a backseat to his entirely off the cuff remarks.’
    • ‘Everything I do here is off the cuff: that is the way we are.’
    • ‘Imagine not being allowed a slip of one tongue, an off the cuff remark or even a second thought.’
    • ‘His appearances with Johnny never seemed to indicate that he was able to make humorous off the cuff remarks.’
    impromptu, extempore, ad lib
    without preparation, without rehearsal, impromptu, ad lib
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off the cuff

/ɒf ðə ˈkʌf/