Definition of off one's feet in English:

off one's feet


  • So as to be no longer standing.

    ‘she was blown off her feet by the shock wave from the explosion’
    • ‘Take for example, the morning rush for trains - beware of the liquid crowds of commuters that will whisk you away and off your feet.’
    • ‘Doing so will take a load off your feet, and prevent your brain from becoming clogged, cluttered or crashing like your hapless personal computer.’
    • ‘Saturday morning was hideous - the raw wind nearly took you off your feet and the cold rain cut right through my thin jacket.’
    • ‘It's no use waiting for a knight in shining armour to ride in and sweep you off your feet.’
    • ‘She was scheduled to get some foot surgery and had to be off her feet for eight weeks, starting four days from then.’
    • ‘If you really dig your heels into the sand, you won't get knocked off your feet when your stellar reputation is in question.’
    • ‘You will need to eat, you will need to take the weight off your feet and yet, at so many of the provincial tracks, eating and sitting are poorly resourced.’
    • ‘At times, the pain and the pressure are enough to knock you off your feet.’
    • ‘Or sit down, take the weight off your feet - look into the middle distance and dream a bit.’
    • ‘Champagne, a manicure and half an hour to take the weight off your feet - what more could a girl want?’