Definition of off one's feed in English:

off one's feed


  • Having no appetite.

    • ‘She has been what my late father would call ‘off her feed’ for the past couple of days but fairly even-tempered.’
    • ‘I can understand them not wanting people looking at the website in there, as it might put other customers off their feed.’
    • ‘Even if I haven't had any of it, the very thought is almost enough to put me off my feed.’
    • ‘She said no and I went completely off my feed for a long time and moped around for ages.’
    • ‘Sometimes when I'm ‘off my feed’ and not feeling up to polite society it's better for me to have something in my hands.’
    • ‘It's the near-flippant attitude towards them in the film that puts me off my feed a bit.’
    • ‘I know when you're off your feed and I've had a few babies myself.’
    • ‘You complained about the ubiquity of music in some restaurants, as if the mere presence of a cover band was enough to put you off your feed.’
    • ‘Otherwise, watching them might have put him off his feed.’
    • ‘That undertone in the woman's voice put Lee off his feed instantly.’