Definition of off (or way off) beam in English:

off (or way off) beam


  • On the wrong track; mistaken.

    ‘you're way off beam on this one’
    • ‘So you get a variety of views, but some of them are way off beam.’
    • ‘While we were occasionally off beam in the past at least our hearts were in the right place.’
    • ‘Palace were first to set their sights on goal but former Manchester United starlet Jovan Kirovski and Aki Riihilahti were way off beam with efforts from outside the box.’
    • ‘George Orwell wasn't wrong about much but he was way off beam with his famously jaundiced view of sport.’
    • ‘Indeed much of the public reading of the party and its intentions has been seriously off beam for quite some time now.’
    • ‘I believe ‘Neighbours’ became a preferred route only later in her development, so to claim that now as the basis for the management split seems way off beam to my thinking.’
    • ‘I don't know what Walsh's politics are, but his radar was certainly off beam and he has paid the price.’
    • ‘In order to spare you any possible disappointment, I should say up front that Robinson is wrong - utterly and mind-bogglingly off beam.’
    • ‘For one thing, the basic premise is completely off beam.’
    • ‘He has written at least two articles with which I heartily agree but today's is way off beam.’
    • ‘The rivalry between the sides has become more intense with every passing year, and unless my calculations are off beam this will be their seventh meeting in the final in the last dozen years.’
    • ‘Well, the deduction may not be way off beam, but there are also those among youngsters who spend their time meaningfully.’
    • ‘I want to know, because his choice of songs is a little bit off beam if you ask me.’
    • ‘Comments like the system is going to collapse I think are just way off beam.’
    • ‘The trust has always endeavoured to provide low cost facilities to river users and the person who demands, as a right, that the work of the trust is available to them without charge is way off beam.’
    mistaken, incorrect, inaccurate, wrong, erroneous, off-target, out, on the wrong track, wide of the mark, awry
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