Definition of off-world in English:



  • Away from earth or (in science fiction) from a place treated as the native world.

    ‘wouldn't it be best to pursue these experiments off-world sometime in the future?’
    • ‘We'll give them those three days to evacuate all settlements off-world.’
    • ‘None of the others made it off-world for another half century, and by that time we had already started to investigate the other planets in our system.’
    • ‘This is really an Earth-based project, so it wouldn't be right to go off-world for help.’
    • ‘So you need a bunch of realistic fantasy creatures, and Stan Winston figured out long ago that it was easier to hire off-world than build all these bizarre creatures from scratch.’
    • ‘I'm not really different from any of the others, except I'm a fashion model, and I live off-world.’
    • ‘If you were being menaced by a bug-eyed monster but lacked a phaser or psionic powers, your last hope might be a shuttle-craft to get you off-world.’
    • ‘Three years had passed and I'd reached my goal for a ticket off-world.’


  • Involving, located in, or coming from a place outside one's native world or planet.

    ‘the plants will be grown in a special lunar module designed to promote plant growth in an off-world environment’
    • ‘You adjust to everything, until the sky is filled with gigantic trolling zeppelins flashing ads for Coke, Atari, off-world colonial employment, etc.’
    • ‘In exchange for an alliance, the aliens offer Earth the secrets of the hyperdrive, which makes faster-than-light travel and off-world colonization possible.’
    • ‘Had we grown tired of the planet in the wake of the oil scandal and yearn for off-world travel?’
    • ‘The U.S. has always cooperated with the policy of limiting off-world contamination.’
    • ‘The final area of the Compound was the landing pad, where off-world shipments of materials arrived.’
    • ‘Only off-world resources will do: lunar mining, processing and launch facilities, harvesting asteroids, and robotic manufacturing.’
    • ‘To secure an off-world presence, skilled individuals from a variety of professions will be needed to meet the challenges that arise.’
    • ‘What make the story unique are its setting and insight into off-world cultures.’
    • ‘Establishing off-world settlements to get at least some of humanity's eggs out of the current single fragile physical and political basket is not exactly a job for a robot.’
    • ‘From the days of the earliest space-themed movies, directors have worked studiously to be as authentic as possible in the representation of spaceflight and off-world locations.’
    • ‘I'm off-world now cropping the juice to reach equilibrium with you.’
    • ‘‘You have all been progressing quite well,’ he told them, ‘and all of your mentors agree that you are ready for your first off-world assignment.’’
    • ‘After that, it's up to Zassa and her off-world contacts and Tanj's piloting skill to get us out of the Elysium system.’
    • ‘He transforms the pavilion into an off-world environment with benches that seem to mutate into treelike lamps, flashing lights, milky glass panels and portentous projections.’
    • ‘There's an obvious ethical worry here, but if we put that aside for the moment, is this just an inevitable and, unfortunately, necessary next step in off-world exploration?’


  • (in science fiction) a place away from the earth, or from a particular planet or world regarded as the native world.

    ‘they centred the action on an offworld called Goblin’
    • ‘Some had even come from off-world to witness it.’
    • ‘Because of our seclusion, we rarely get any visitors from the outside, and never from off-world.’
    • ‘Both of them seem to be visitors from off-world, from a unknown culture alien to Ventus.’