Definition of off-grid in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Not using or depending on public utilities, especially the supply of electricity.

    as adjective ‘off-grid housing’
    as adverb ‘he has lived off-grid for 32 years’
    • ‘He lives off-grid in a passive solar, earthsheltered building in Western North Carolina.’
    • ‘The event was the first-ever global business conference on off-grid lighting on the continent.’
    • ‘Entrepreneurs and investors gathered with donor agencies in Ghana to discuss off-grid lighting for sub-Saharan Africa.’
    • ‘Renewable energy technologies, coupled with energy efficiency measures, are vital for generating electricity and other energy services in off-grid areas.’
    • ‘Like most aspiring ecovillages, we use passive solar heating, roof water catchment, off-grid power, composting toilets, and small homes of mostly natural or recycled materials.’
    • ‘The quantum dot power plastic could be used for demanding energy, communications and military applications, such as battlefield or off-grid power generation.’
    • ‘A Brighton couple aim to build the totally sustainable off-grid Earthship in a small village in Normandy, France.’
    • ‘I started a new blog today called Mud Woman which will tell the tale of my journey to build my own cob off grid home.’
    • ‘Live off-grid, unplugged from the system with solar panels and rainwater harvesting.’
    • ‘And while moving to a trailer home in Utopia, Texas and living off-grid sounds great to me, my wife wasn't too hep on the idea.’
    • ‘I have completed a study on electricity supplied from the grid and the electricity fed into distribution systems by off-grid generators.’
    • ‘Gains will also come as a result of broader choices for consumers of electric power, some of which favor off grid alternatives.’
    • ‘They live in an "off-grid" solar home that they designed and built in 1985.’
    • ‘She lives in Northern New Mexico in her humble off-grid old adobe abode, rebuilt with her own hands, strength and ingenuity.’
    • ‘The identification of off-grid areas not scheduled for medium term grid electrification is the second point in the plan.’
    • ‘Regarding off-grid planning, the national plan includes the prioritisation of localities according to type and size of infrastructure.’
    • ‘He indicated that off-grid electrification might be the only solution to many of the over 2000 un-electrified settlements in Namibia.’