Definition of of one's own accord in English:

of one's own accord


  • Voluntarily or without outside intervention.

    ‘he would not seek treatment of his own accord’
    ‘the rash may go away of its own accord’
    • ‘Some left of their own accord which led to a lowering of staff numbers.’
    • ‘Four of the prisoners came down of their own accord on Tuesday night, followed shortly afterwards by two men brought down in a crane by negotiators.’
    • ‘He said that the Travellers left of their own accord, and that the council had no part in this process.’
    • ‘Again, gardaí made no attempt to move the crowd on, seemingly waiting for them to disperse of their own accord.’
    • ‘The district service manager for West Yorkshire Courts Service says that as a result of the operation one or two people have come forward of their own accord to pay what they owe.’
    • ‘She's mainly funded by the Scottish Executive and the regulations make it almost impossible for her to take in anyone who comes to the project of their own accord.’
    • ‘Whatever the final outcome, it is clear that people who want a comfortable retirement are going to have to put away money of their own accord.’
    • ‘Despite initial defiance, the travellers appear to have left of their own accord.’
    • ‘It's always unsettling when audience members leave of their own accord but there's something really unpleasant about people being told to leave.’
    • ‘The more people that quit of their own accord, and the fewer that start - the shorter it is until smoking becomes socially unacceptable to the majority.’
    • ‘The courts will be advised when a defendant has surrendered of their own accord and this may be taken into consideration when sentencing.’
    • ‘About 100 people who had set up home at the former Airtours site in Helmshore have left the area of their own accord.’
    • ‘But there was little need for my exhortation, for he came out of his own accord, not only willingly but with eagerness, and straight at me.’
    • ‘They made these changes of their own accord, picking up on the cultural and professional health messages of the time.’
    • ‘This was not a charge brought against him by some hostile critic; it was an admission he made freely of his own accord.’
    • ‘You say that you left of your own accord but was there a push from within as well?’
    • ‘But the demonstration ended peacefully, with protesters dispersing of their own accord.’
    • ‘These reveal that many users spontaneously give up the drug of their own accord, without benefit of detox, rehab or any other professional intervention.’
    • ‘We live in a city with thousands of bars and restaurants, many hundreds of which became entirely non-smoking of their own accord.’
    • ‘After all, if someone has bared their soul to you, albeit of their own accord, shouldn't you give a little bit of yourself in return?’
    voluntarily, of one's own free will, of one's own volition, of one's own choice, of one's own choosing, by choice, by preference
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