Definition of of note in English:

of note


  • 1Worth paying attention to.

    ‘many of his comments are worthy of note’
    • ‘Secondly, the social and cultural reactions to this newfound ability will be worthy of note.’
    • ‘Several issues related to the estimation of Test cricket attendances are worthy of note.’
    • ‘If ever there is a man worthy of note, a man of the highest calibre, it's him.’
    • ‘Actually, an encouraging development, which is rather curious in the context, is worthy of note.’
    • ‘We've heard from several readers today, with comments particularly worthy of note.’
    • ‘It was a point worthy of note but in the grand scheme of things it was nothing more and their victory is something Spartans can be truly proud of.’
    • ‘It took a while for the game to burst into life and there had been little of note prior to Chorley breaking the deadlock seven minutes before the break.’
    • ‘There is one e-mail, however, that may be more worthy of note than the others.’
    • ‘There is a safe with its door ajar, but no contents of note.’
    • ‘So far I've seen a lot of weather and nothing else worthy of note.’
    attention, consideration, notice, heed, observation, thought, regard, care, attentiveness, mindfulness
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  • 2Important; distinguished.

    ‘Roman historians of note include Livy, Tacitus, and Sallust’
    • ‘Witt, on the other hand, is only 16 and already he's marking himself as a blues guitarist of note.’
    • ‘It was true: the descendants of William Tell had all played cricket, and had all been bowlers of note.’
    • ‘She acknowledged that it was important for somebody of note to come and open the impressive facilities.’
    • ‘Another resident of note, who came from the area, is the author Johnny O'Brien.’
    • ‘Harrogate stand-off Lee Cholewa is a player of note, but he is currently having a bad time with his goal-kicking.’
    • ‘Included in the programme are a number of entertainers of note.’
    • ‘Other players of note included Martin Boland, Daniel Murphy and Jonathan Farrell.’
    • ‘Other later medieval timber-framed buildings of note in the village include two inns, the George and the Ship.’
    • ‘Other equipment of note includes an extensive collection of vintage guitars and mics.’
    • ‘Once upon a time it was the Church to which belonged anyone in Ireland of note or importance.’
    distinction, importance, eminence, pre-eminence, influence, illustriousness, greatness, prestige, fame, acclaim, celebrity, renown, repute, reputation, stature, standing, position, rank, consequence, account
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