Definition of odiferous in English:



  • variant spelling of odoriferous
    • ‘Eventually a few sticks of dynamite are employed to rid the backwoods of a lumbering odiferous fiend from the Prehistoric era.’
    • ‘The clothes they'd purchased were scruffy, torn, and slightly odiferous.’
    • ‘But be warned - it can get quite odiferous at times.’
    • ‘When we think of an awfully odiferous place of unpleasant scents, the words ‘monkey house’ instantly come to mind.’
    • ‘Also, the bag is mildly odiferous, so it's doubtful you'd forget about it for too long in a household environment.’
    • ‘Judging from his clothes, not to mention his rather odiferous smell, he was from the slums, the place where the loonies and takkers hung out.’
    • ‘The town of Bahia from the streets is not so beautiful, and is, to put it mildly, extremely odiferous.’
    • ‘The last time his coffin was opened was in 1537 when his body was described as ‘sweet, odiferous and flexible’.’
    • ‘If your breath odor is persistently odiferous, you may have ‘halitosis.’’
    • ‘It was then that I began to note the slightly odiferous scent drifting from her direction, but I thought it might be nerves.’
    • ‘We all smelled an odiferous funk coming from Viktor.’
    • ‘But otherwise, the movie is as odiferous as a Durian daiquiri.’
    • ‘Furthermore, they assert, aged garlic is preferable because with aging, garlic's harsh, irritating and odiferous qualities can be tamed.’
    • ‘Imagine someone wanted to open a restaurant next to your house, and that the restaurant is loud and odiferous.’
    • ‘They also came from the odiferous chemicals used to tan animal hides into leather.’