Definition of oddsmaker in English:



North American
  • A person who works for a bookmaker by predicting a future event, such as the outcome of a race, and setting the odds for betting on it.

    • ‘Some oddsmakers have even taken this game off the board.’
    • ‘There is clearly a short list of ‘credentialed’ candidates (whatever that means) that all the oddsmakers are looking at.’
    • ‘Vegas oddsmakers already have established a favorite for most-asked question: ‘What's up with Freddie Mitchell's hair?’’
    • ‘With oddsmakers, the only easy money is the money that leaves your pocket.’
    • ‘Las Vegas oddsmakers have listed the Lakers as a 2-1 shot to never lose a game next season.’
    • ‘The Kings make the Vegas oddsmakers very nervous.’
    • ‘Pundits say Drobac is a long shot at best, but the cash-strapped challenger vows to defy the oddsmakers.’
    • ‘You have the option to choose whether the two teams will combine for more or fewer points than the oddsmakers have posted.’
    • ‘Overall, the unders boast a 54 percent advantage, although last year the oddsmakers adjusted to give overs a 74-66 edge.’
    • ‘As they say, it doesn't take a smart oddsmaker all day to look at a horseshoe.’
    • ‘The bell has just rung, but the oddsmakers are betting Mother Nature will be KO'd.’
    • ‘Why don't the track's oddsmakers say ‘something to 1‘?’
    • ‘The Patriots and Eagles are both favored by less than a touchdown by oddsmakers.’
    • ‘But the day's biggest underdog, San Francisco, couldn't take advantage of the oddsmakers ' 16-point cushion.’
    • ‘The Vegas oddsmakers are already taking bets on who will get there first.’
    • ‘Las Vegas oddsmakers love the Super Bowl because it is the biggest betting event of the year.’
    • ‘The oddsmakers say the Hurricanes will win big and Kelsey will be wearing Miami orange on Monday.’
    • ‘The oddsmakers still like slumping Tiger Woods best - or maybe that's just what they want you to think.’
    • ‘In the early rounds the oddsmakers seemed right as Czyz knocked down and battered Williams.’
    • ‘The oddsmakers agree that Perry has no shot against the real big boys.’