Definition of odds and sods in English:

odds and sods

plural noun

  • Miscellaneous people or articles.

    ‘the forty odds and sods left behind marched to the station’
    • ‘Manufactured with soft bristles, a glass washing brush is ideal for removing all sorts of odds and sods from glassware.’
    • ‘So I get onto Wiggle and order some new handlebars, plus a couple of other odds and sods.’
    • ‘The Scottish parliament is ‘very much an odds and sods parliament’.’
    • ‘I am inundated on a daily basis with e-mails from all manner of odds and sods.’
    • ‘This was developed further on Melke, a compilation of odds and sods published two years later.’
    • ‘This leaves one place in each ward to be contested by the Community Independents, Greens, genuine independents and other odds and sods.’
    • ‘Include the other odds and sods and it quickly adds up.’
    • ‘With that in mind, here are the odds and sods that I've found very helpful in my first few weeks of parenthood.’
    • ‘Language, history, morality, acceptable behaviour and other odds and sods.’
    • ‘There are a couple of other odds and sods, your Honour.’
    • ‘There are some odds and sods that I want to try.’
    • ‘A few odds and sods to clear up on what's going to be my last post on my 1999-vintage Gateway Professional 500 PC.’
    • ‘There is rubbish in bin bags thrown over the wall and everything from odds and sods from sofas through to domestic waste.’
    • ‘The Station Master is generally upbeat and, like this blog, covers general tube trivia and odds and sods as well as his daily job.’