Definition of Oddfellow in English:



usually Oddfellows
  • A member of a fraternity similar to the Freemasons.

    • ‘According to a survey by the Oddfellows friendly society, the average cost of a burial in 2000 was £2,048.’
    • ‘Although brought up a Catholic he joined the Oddfellows, Foresters and the Freemasons.’
    • ‘George Washington was not a member of the Oddfellows, rather he was a Freemason.’
    • ‘At the Institute meetings were held by the Freemasons, Oddfellows, Foresters and Rechabites.’
    • ‘Angel met Oddfellows for the second consecutive game and after a 4-4 draw in the first game they followed up with a 6-6 draw.’
    • ‘He died on April 29, 1895, and was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.’
    • ‘After appearing in Whitehorse it came to the Oddfellows Hall in Dawson City with the help of Nakai Theatre and Yukon Arts Centre.’
    • ‘Another team playing in the Doncaster area were Oddfellows Athletic, who were trying to extend their 14-match unbeaten run.’
    • ‘The rebirth of the Oddfellows ' Hall, which turned a crumbling hulk into one of the most used buildings in town, was nothing short of spectacular.’
    • ‘Grant Simpson and Alan Matheson (flugelhorn and cornet) sampled several decades of jazz at the Oddfellows ' Hall last weekend.’
    • ‘At one time, there was even roller skating here, but it's been years since there's been an Odd Fellows ' charter here.’
    • ‘Watching The Aristocrats, then, is like being smuggled into the Masonic Hall or slipped the grip of the Oddfellows.’
    eccentric, oddity, odd fellow, unorthodox person, individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, bohemian, maverick, deviant, pervert, misfit, hippy, dropout
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