Definition of odd-looking in English:



  • Strange or unusual in appearance.

    ‘it's an odd-looking fish’
    • ‘The odd-looking person on the cover could be him.’
    • ‘It's the Tim Burton movie where this man has odd-looking fins for hands and so he goes to live in the sewer.’
    • ‘The disease is called crazy root, because of the odd-looking roots of diseased plants.’
    • ‘The scariest characters in horror movies are odd-looking little girls.’
    • ‘She's not beautiful; in fact, she's rather odd-looking with her big eyes and gawky mannerisms.’
    • ‘The movement is still as mechanised and odd-looking as it was when this technology first hit our screens.’
    • ‘Its members were odd-looking even for the time.’
    • ‘Her odd-looking toes were painted over.’
    • ‘Odd-looking heroine aside, the plot-based action took a huge leap forward.’
    • ‘They seem to be quite happy and healthy (if a little odd-looking in some cases).’