Definition of oceanfront in English:



North American
  • The land that borders an ocean.

    • ‘My wife and I recently spent a lazy after noon down by the oceanfront in Seattle, licking ice cream and strolling along the docks.’
    • ‘On an oceanfront or riverside, usually near a jetty or landing port, these hotels were features of the maritime age.’
    • ‘We can see through the rear of the Wal-Mart, all the way to the oceanfront, to the water.’
    • ‘You have really steep hills, lots of rock, oceanfront, trade winds.’
    • ‘It's worth forsaking the hard pack along the oceanfront to challenge the shifting sands of the Pismo State Beach Dune Preserve.’
    • ‘Luckily it was built in 1922-26 when the oceanfront was still undeveloped.’
    • ‘About fifty meters away, on the oceanfront, waves crashed on a beach covered with wooden debris.’
    • ‘The sky, now a crystalline blue, beckoned me to the oceanfront.’
    • ‘Now, we had a tour of some of the damage along the oceanfront earlier this afternoon, along with the mayor of Kitty Hawk.’
    • ‘A city with a long oceanfront, a city with rivers flowing through it, can it be without an aquarium worthy of the wealth of its waters?’
    • ‘We walked down the oceanfront to the weekly Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show along Cabrillo.’
    • ‘Mr. Munn was building a golf course along the oceanfront, where we used Kikuyu grass sprigs on the sand-based course.’
    • ‘Imagine a city laid out on a strip of oceanfront of uniform width.’
    • ‘There are three other houses along that stretch of oceanfront.’
    • ‘This music kind of reminds us of the oceanfront - those soothing sounds of being on the water's edge.’
    • ‘I don't know if it was the oceanfront, but I see water with him.’