Definition of ocean basin in English:

ocean basin


  • A depression of the earth's surface in which an ocean lies.

    • ‘The evidence presented here shows that an ocean basin is unlikely to have existed adjacent to the Ulukisla Basin after the latest Cretaceous time.’
    • ‘Since 1977, many other examples of deep-sea vent ecosystems have been found in virtually every ocean basin on Earth.’
    • ‘Once an ocean basin begins to cool or warm anomalously, it generally tends to stay that way for several years and even decades.’
    • ‘These then flow from the high latitudes, circulating cool water throughout the world's ocean basins.’
    • ‘Even at those high speeds, however, a tsunami can take up to half a day to traverse an ocean basin.’
    • ‘The Beysehir-Hoyran Nappes were emplaced southwards from a Mesozoic ocean basin to the north of the Tauride carbonate platform.’
    • ‘It has been interpreted as a remnant ocean basin and as a Permian-Triassic rift basin formed at a triple junction.’
    • ‘Why and where additional regions of high biological activity occur farther from human eyes on ocean basin scales remains unstudied.’
    • ‘In fact, the oldest sediment occurs at the far western edge of the biggest ocean basin of them all, the Pacific.’
    • ‘The ocean basin with the best historical record, the North Atlantic, shows the smallest increase in stronger storms.’
    • ‘‘Everywhere you go, in every ocean basin, our ‘hotspots’ today are only relics of what was once there,’ says Worm.’
    • ‘They do this during long periods of complete darkness in the middle of the ocean basin where echoes take 10 to 20 minutes to return.’
    • ‘The Arctic is an ocean basin with peripheral continents, whereas the Antarctic is continental.’
    • ‘So for example, it was hypothesised 30 years ago that a whale could communicate over an ocean basin to other animals.’
    • ‘But an Earth-like ocean basin is the hometown favorite.’