Definition of occupier in English:



  • 1British A person or company residing in or using a property as its owner or tenant, or (illegally) as a squatter.

    • ‘The Act further provides for the prosecution of landowners who illegally evict occupiers from their land.’
    • ‘Thus, the escape was one for which custom had long since imposed strict liability on the occupier of the land.’
    • ‘All owners, occupiers, statutory bodies and other interested parties will receive full details of the proposals this month.’
    • ‘The gypsies in South Bucks were both owners and occupiers of the land, albeit occupying it in breach of planning legislation.’
    • ‘There is already a great deal of interest in the development and we know that these facilities will prove an additional attraction to potential occupiers.’
    • ‘If there is actual occupation, and the occupier has rights, the purchaser takes subject to them.’
    • ‘The adjudication provisions in the Minor Works contract do not exclude residential occupiers from their ambit as does the Act.’
    • ‘Exclusive possession distinguishes an occupier who may in due course acquire title under the Limitation Act 1980 from a mere trespasser.’
    • ‘Under Section 106, the Act, following the Latham Report, does not apply to a construction contract with a residential occupier.’
    • ‘The individual claimants are freehold owners and occupiers of their homes in Church Village.’
    • ‘The plaintiffs were lessees and occupiers of one of the flats.’
    • ‘The new buildings will offer potential occupiers a different style of office accommodation.’
    • ‘It has, as Stein JA points out, an inherent quality that it will be used to the benefit of subsequent owners and occupiers.’
    • ‘The second is satisfied if the occupier knows that the claimant may come into the vicinity of the danger.’
    • ‘To date the local authority has been obliged to notify the owner and occupier that the property will be revalued, but this will no longer be the case.’
    • ‘It seems to embrace the proposition that owners or occupiers are insurers for the safety of others.’
    • ‘An occupier under a beneficial lease cannot require the annual value to be cut down to the rent actually reserved.’
    • ‘The retail market continues to be the best performer in the commercial sector with strong demand from tenants and occupiers.’
    • ‘Mr Fagan is advising owners and occupiers of similar properties that their buildings should be regularly surveyed and repaired.’
    • ‘Is there a genuine issue for trial on the question of whether Monk Realty was an occupier of the sidewalk?’
  • 2A member of a group that takes possession of a country by force.

    ‘the occupiers were reported to have rounded up civilians and carried them off to unknown fates’
    • ‘No, the they are resisting because they want to control their own destiny, rather than be dictated to by a foreign occupier.’
    • ‘Over the next 24 years, the occupiers inflicted massacres, hunger, forced sterilization, and attempts at cultural annihilation on East Timor.’
    • ‘The view held by the people, however, is that these forces are occupiers and should leave.’
    • ‘This is an outlandish thing to say - as if the occupiers had not selected and trained the security forces from day one.’
    • ‘He then asked Horan if the coalition forces in Iraq were liberators or occupiers.’
    • ‘The occupiers possess strong conventional military forces, including tanks and artillery.’
    • ‘Saunders has also noted journalists' general disregard for female occupation leader when reporting the occupiers' stance.’
    • ‘Hand of Death is set in 17th century China, the Ching dynasty era when Manchu occupiers persecuted the members of the Shaolin sect.’
    • ‘To this day, many people in France possess reservations about whether armed opposition to the occupiers was worthwhile.’
    • ‘The occupiers are a group of ‘sovereignty radicals’ who have no family connections with the original land owners.’
    • ‘A UN administrative force however would have the additional benefit of shifting the perception of the international force from that of occupier to stabiliser.’
    • ‘They now seem motivated primarily by anger at foreign forces, which they perceive as occupiers.’
    • ‘They extracted resources and, with the help of small groups of locals, became autocratic occupiers of the land.’
    • ‘The UN is not going to commit forces to be killed as occupiers, nor is NATO coming to save us.’
    • ‘They must believe that their country will soon be returned to them and that they have not traded a tyrant for an occupier.’
    • ‘Gardai said the occupiers had forced their way into the house, via the back, which connects to a lane-way off Shelbourne Road.’