Definition of occupied in English:



  • 1(of a building, seat, etc.) being used by someone.

    ‘only the ground floor is fully occupied’
    • ‘With this de facto recognition of squatting, the word quickly came to mean simply that the tenurial status of the occupied land remained unresolved.’
    • ‘With the Hall being opened and occupied again, there would likely be guests and balls and assemblies, and the Lord only knew what else.’
    • ‘The main part of the divided house is now occupied by another Irishman.’
    • ‘On Saturday, the plant remained occupied.’
    • ‘In 1565 it passed to the Fowler family, and in 1644, during the Civil War, the occupied monastic buildings were besieged and captured by Parliamentarian forces under Sir Thomas Myddelton.’
    • ‘At the time in question it was occupied by a number of young men.’
    • ‘The placement and vibration isolation of such equipment requires careful consideration, especially near occupied areas.’
    • ‘However, it is relatively expensive to "surf the net" and the telephone line is occupied so calls cannot be made.’
    • ‘When Harold would try to eject them from various occupied premises all over campus, they would tell him to "stop pimping for the administration."’
    • ‘Subsequent migrants, finding that the big islands were occupied, settled on the outlying islands, most of which are coral outliers.’
    • ‘The hospital was almost completely occupied by aircrew burns patients.’
    • ‘In many mosques, only a small portion is left for offering prayers and all the remaining portions are occupied.’
    • ‘Densely occupied rooms and tightly sealed buildings are the main cause of high levels of carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘If the cardio machine you want is occupied, check for a sign-up sheet.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, he said he was disappointed by the level of turn-out, which saw less than a dozen seats occupied by members of the public.’
    • ‘While the elderly householder was occupied, one of the robbers made their way into her home on Tuesday afternoon and then made off with a substantial amount of cash.’
    in use, full, engaged, taken, unavailable
    inhabited, lived-in, tenanted, settled
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  • 2Busy and active.

    ‘tasks which kept her occupied for the day’
    • ‘Now everyone is occupied with business, but it is also a form of communication and interpersonal exchange.’
    • ‘There will be more pics of my life posted, but please be patient, when I am less occupied, I am sure to entertain you with every details of my life.’
    • ‘You can avoid temptation by keeping your mind fully occupied with things that interest you.’
    • ‘With nearly 500 staff and 377 rooms, the four-star hotel certainly keeps him occupied.’
    • ‘An action-packed timetable to keep youngsters occupied this summer is on offer at Horwich Leisure Centre.’
    • ‘I could, for instance, argue that work is keeping me more than occupied.’
    • ‘It keeps me occupied at least.’
    • ‘I'm gonna look into trip routes and travel times today, and plan out a tentative first month schedule to keep myself occupied.’
    • ‘William only nodded, barely registering parts of the discussion in his mind, which was occupied elsewhere.’
    • ‘For psychiatrists, it offers enough material to keep them occupied for months.’
    • ‘Traumatized, she threw herself into her studies to keep her mind occupied.’
    • ‘Entertainers have been brought in and extra activities arranged in a bid to keep the elderly residents occupied.’
    • ‘This is the vulnerable moment, when I have both hands occupied and the pistol cannot be fired.’
    • ‘Simon enjoyed peace in Judea because Syria was occupied elsewhere.’
    busy, engaged, working, employed, at work, on the job, hard-pressed, active
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  • 3(of a place, especially a country) taken control of by military conquest or settlement.

    ‘the occupied territories’
    • ‘Yes, she was a composite of the best man in my wedding and a female acquaintance who had worked in occupied Palestine.’
    • ‘The current situation in postwar and occupied Iraq reminded me a lot of Lebanon after the civil war ended.’
    • ‘A Royal Marines Commando from an heroic World War II raid on occupied France has returned to the area where he made his epic overland escape.’
    • ‘I joined a project focused on secondary education in all of occupied Iraq.’
    • ‘The present writer had been implicated during the war, since he had been dealing with the partisans in occupied Europe, amongst these the partisans of Yugoslavia.’
    • ‘But legally, Kosovo was not incorporated into the Serbian kingdom in 1912; it remained occupied territory until some time after 1918.’
    • ‘In December 46 per cent of the prisoners held in occupied Poland and in the Reich Commissariat in the Ukraine died, for example.’
    • ‘Unlike in occupied Germany, they were unfettered by any need to accommodate the concerns of other Allies or public opinion at home (which would surely have supported hanging the Emperor).’
    • ‘Already, prior to the latest crisis, unemployment of Palestinians in the occupied territories stood at 50 percent.’
    • ‘In both occupied France and the unoccupied zone, anti-Jewish laws were enforced zealously.’
    • ‘Israeli tanks, armored cars, helicopter gunships and fighter jets continue to range throughout the occupied territory, targeting smaller groups of fighters and destroying buildings, factories, utilities and individual homes.’
    • ‘The teenager honed his craft singing in occupied Germany with the US Army's 314th Infantry Orchestra.’
    • ‘What part was played by the perpetrators across occupied Europe?’
    • ‘Because of the UN failure, the Croatian government has now launched military action to reestablish control over part of the occupied areas.’
    • ‘The plan has been bitterly opposed by the prime minister's former allies and the 240,000 settlers who live in the occupied territories.’
    • ‘The most obvious exclusion, which was not foreseen by the early Zionists, is the status of the Palestinians in the occupied territories.’
    • ‘And in Palestine, the first local elections for some years in the occupied West Bank have produced some bad news for Israel.’
    • ‘Within Israel Arabs have been systematically discriminated against, while those in the occupied territories have been citizens of nowhere.’