Definition of occupational health in English:

occupational health


mass noun
  • The branch of medicine dealing with the prevention and treatment of job-related injuries and illnesses.

    ‘she is a specialist in occupational health’
    • ‘This certifies compliance with all applicable local government regulations regarding occupational health.’
    • ‘The need to comply with legislation has pushed employers to address occupational health concerns.’
    • ‘Occupational health and urban pollution did not become a central concern of American environmentalism until the 1970s and 1980s.’
    • ‘Five or six occupational health cases are taken against employers each week on the basis of stress alone.’
    • ‘The survey showed that companies most likely to actively implement the programme are part of a multi-national, operate one shift daily and have an occupational health doctor.’
    • ‘Use of the room is managed by a designated staff member, such as an occupational health or human resource manager.’
    • ‘Intel even has an onsite occupational health facility, staffed by nurses 24 hours a day.’
    • ‘Occupational health units and child care facilities are fairly common in large organizations.’
    • ‘Different sectors are prioritising different aspects of occupational health to the detriment of staff and profit margins, according to experts working in the field.’
    • ‘Employees are now pursuing occupational health claims.’