Definition of occipital condyle in English:

occipital condyle


  • Each of two rounded knobs at the base of the skull which articulate with the first vertebra.

    • ‘The exoccipitals are pierced by four sets of foramina lateral and ventral to the occipital condyle.’
    • ‘The basioccipital may bear several small foramina for the hypoglossal nerve near the base of the occipital condyle.’
    • ‘The diplodocoid occipital condyle faces ventrally, suggesting that the head was held higher and at an angle to the line of the neck.’
    • ‘The occipital condyle (the part that connects the skull to the back bones) is formed almost entirely by the basioccipital.’
    • ‘The exoccipitals are large and, with the basioccipital, form the occipital condyle for articulation with the first vertebra.’