Definition of ocarina in English:



  • A small egg-shaped ceramic (especially terracotta) or metal wind instrument with holes for the fingers.

    • ‘I got custody of the book, though he kept my hand-made ocarina.’
    • ‘‘Well, Luigi gave me this,’ said Clara, taking the ocarina out of her backpack.’
    • ‘On one box Elizabeth found an instrument resembling an ocarina.’
    • ‘They were like stone ocarinas with two handles.’
    • ‘Seiriô screamed, almost dropping his ocarina, and fell forward.’
    • ‘He had a small lyre strapped to his back, and a shining ocarina hanging from a cord around his neck.’
    • ‘It's called an ocarina, an ancient instrument.’
    • ‘He then saw something that caught his eye: An ocarina was on the ground.’
    • ‘What is Elgar's patented nobilmente doing beside the evocation of harmonicas and ocarinas?’
    • ‘The woodwind players are sometimes asked to play ocarinas, those strange lemon-shaped clay whistles with simple finger-holes all over them.’
    • ‘And his hobby of choice is playing the ocarina - not the most manly instrument going.’
    • ‘She looked out in the distance, breathed deeply and then pulled out her ocarina necklace.’
    • ‘Tennyson had borrowed Clara's ocarina and Melody was demonstrating some useful songs.’
    • ‘He wandered under the sign into the line behind a pair of female Boos who were arguing about which magical ocarina tune began with a minor seventh.’
    • ‘Will music and maybe use of an ocarina be used for anything in this Zelda game?’
    • ‘She pulled out her ocarina and softly blew a few notes.’
    • ‘She plays her ocarina and sits in the forest speaking of peace.’
    • ‘Eruûne closed his eyes, listening to the ocarina song, and fell asleep.’
    • ‘Combining the strengths of the giants along with a magical melody from Link's ocarina will yield a chance for the salvage of the world.’
    • ‘As an instrument, it's slightly more tuneful than an ocarina, but only slightly.’


Late 19th century: from Italian, from oca ‘goose’ (from its shape).