Definition of obtund in English:



[with object]Medicine
  • Dull the sensitivity of; blunt; deaden.

    ‘the next step is to obtund the tissues to be operated on’
    • ‘At presentation, he was jaundiced and obtunded.’
    • ‘History was provided by 15 patients on admission to the hospital; 5 patients were obtunded or confused and unable to provide a history.’
    • ‘Six hours after admission, he became abruptly hypotensive and 15 minutes later was obtunded.’
    • ‘The patient remained obtunded, and due to the advanced stage of his AIDS, his family chose to give supportive care only.’
    • ‘The next day the patient became more obtunded, and empirical antituberculosis therapy with adjuvant glucocorticoids was started.’
    deaden, deprive of sensation, benumb, desensitize, render insensitive, dull
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Late Middle English: from Latin obtundere, from ob- ‘against’ + tundere ‘to beat’.