Definition of obstetrically in English:



North American
  • See obstetrical

    • ‘The mothers of the 31,133 live births in the earlier period were demographically and obstetrically similar to the mothers of the 28,733 live births after introduction of the guidelines.’
    • ‘Do the obstetrically relevant bony pelvic measurements change?’
    • ‘They commonly occur with radiation induced plexopathies (approximately 60% of patients), but have not been reported in obstetrically related brachial plexopathies.’
    • ‘Midwives were concerned about the consequences of recommending options that contradicted obstetrically defined clinical norms.’
    • ‘Patients with gestational hypertension have previously unrecognized chronic hypertension, emerging preeclampsia or transient hypertension of pregnancy, an obstetrically benign condition.’