Definition of obstacle race in English:

obstacle race


  • A race in which various obstacles, such as fences, pits, and climbing nets, have to be negotiated.

    • ‘The competition was divided into two teams, Blue and Green, with 12 competition types, including aerobics, a bag relay race, an obstacle race, and a horse ride.’
    • ‘A new introduction to the skills weekend was the inter county fun obstacle race.’
    • ‘Spectators took a keen interest in the obstacle race.’
    • ‘Events included an egg and spoon race, a sack race, an obstacle race and a javelin throw.’
    • ‘This will be followed by a children's fun evening which includes a three-leg race, sack race, skittles, tug-o'-war, obstacle race, egg and spoon race, penalty shots, throw the wellie and other events.’
    • ‘You need activities that can be done in pairs, such as a three-legged race or an obstacle races that need partners.’
    • ‘When the going got too tough, the comedy got going in the form of treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, spin-a-yarn, obstacle races…’
    • ‘Other discontinued Olympic events include live pigeon shooting, rope-climbing, an obstacle race and something called the plunge for distance, in swimming.’
    • ‘We had some sports today, the chief interest being in the boxing & the obstacle race.’
    • ‘Also in there is five-year old me giving the bouquet to Kathleen Watkins, me coming third in my school's obstacle race, aged ten, and me receiving an Oscar for best sound engineering.’
    • ‘Sounds like something from the Sunday School Picnic rather than a global sporting event, just like another discontinued event in the swimming, the obstacle race.’
    • ‘The Superstar events included an obstacle race, gym tests, steeplechase, basketball, cycling, swimming, football drills, rowing and an 800 metres race.’
    • ‘It included sack races, spud and spoon races, obstacle races, three-legged races and a tug-o-war and sprints for all the kiddies.’
    • ‘Now the other thing I noticed in the result, was an obstacle race.’
    • ‘Organise simple races between the children, for example weaving in and out of trees along a certain length of the park, a hopping race, a three-legged race or an obstacle race.’
    • ‘During the show, the 51 clubs in the county will compete for trophies in events such as stock judging, an obstacle race, a tug-of-war and, more unusually, salsa dancing.’
    • ‘For the international event, the students will be working on slightly complicated models in a three-event module - vision robot rescue race, legged obstacle race and stair climbing robot.’
    • ‘The Primary Year students were involved in different obstacle races throughout the morning.’
    • ‘All the children participated in the fun obstacle races where a range of athletic ability, stamina and sense of humour were displayed.’
    • ‘Children also have opportunities for some competitions like song and dance events, fancy dress show, treasure hunt or obstacle race.’


obstacle race