Definition of obstacle course in English:

obstacle course


  • 1A course through which the participants must run, negotiating obstacles to be climbed, crawled under, crossed on suspended ropes, etc., as used for training soldiers.

    • ‘An obstacle course at the facility, in Sowerby Road, Acomb, York, was set alight, along with picnic tables.’
    • ‘As a former member, I can believe it - my own initiation, as I dimly recall, involved a blindfold, several ‘dirty’ pints and an obstacle course across the Pleasance courtyard.’
    • ‘Twenty-three robotic vehicles, designed to operate without human guidance, set off yesterday to navigate through a desert obstacle course in a US military-sponsored race.’
    • ‘Team One reported back to the Commander as Team Two began their assault on the obstacle course.’
    • ‘The students were given the chance to tackle a range of activities, including an assault obstacle course, aerial runway and mini bikes.’
    1. 1.1 A series of difficulties that have to be negotiated in order to achieve a particular aim:
      ‘the regulatory maze is an obstacle course for inexperienced would-be entrepreneurs’
      • ‘So instead of wandering about aimlessly, set a goal and bask in the challenge of the obstacle course you'll face to get there.’
      • ‘It is a fun, insightful primer for success in the "obstacle course" of life!’
      • ‘Life can be like an obstacle course.’


obstacle course