Definition of observation ward in English:

observation ward


  • A hospital ward for patients under observation.

    ‘he was moved to an observation ward’
    • ‘Outside this time patients received an initial dose of intravenous cephazolin and were looked after in the emergency department's observation ward.’
    • ‘The A & E plan aims to create a ten-bed observation ward to obviate the problem of patients having to wait in ambulances or corridors.’
    • ‘The victim, who has not been named by police, was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where he remains in a stable condition on an observation ward.’
    • ‘Which way is Observation Ward 602?’
    • ‘Three emergency routes in the A & E unit and the observation ward were obstructed.’
    • ‘Two or three times I was moved from A and E to an observation ward then back down to A and E.’
    • ‘She was being held in the outdoor cell while being transferred from one section of the prison to an observation ward after seeing a psychologist.’
    • ‘The standards also clarify under which circumstances the clock can be stopped if doctors decide a patient is better admitted to an observation ward which may not be a full inpatient unit.’
    • ‘It was the male observation ward in a forced detoxification centre in Yunnan.’
    • ‘A nursing sister said there were currently 13 people still in a special hospital observation ward.’