Definition of observantly in English:



  • Taking careful notice; attentively or perceptively.

    ‘he watched everything observantly’
    • ‘"The Government recognises," he said observantly, "that our people have grown tired of plans, talk and discussions of the problem."’
    • ‘He writes simply, amusingly and observantly.’
    • ‘"It's not a liquid right now," he observantly noted.’
    • ‘I'm guessing you haven't read my post observantly, because I'm clearly stating that being a stay-at-home mother or father makes perfect sense to me.’
    • ‘His eyes glared fearfully, and these alone gave notice that he was yet alive, as they rolled observantly to and fro, noticing everything that passed within the chamber, although he spoke not, nor gave the slightest token that he was in possession of his senses.’
    • ‘Tenderly, observantly, incisively, Edith Pearlman captures life on the page like few other writers.’
    • ‘"Can I point out that your half-time analysis had nothing to do with football, but was all about meaningless non-football-related witter," she points out observantly.’