Definition of obscurantist in English:


noun & adjective

  • See obscurantism

    • ‘A Caribbean writer describing everyday reality was praised but if he dealt with more symbolic realism he was an obscurantist for the West, and condemned by compatriots for class treachery.’
    • ‘Opposition to English is a futile cultural position, however, one most frequently adopted by cultural and religious obscurantists or blinkered advocates of communicative borders.’
    • ‘Only recently have leftist obscurantists gone cool on the ‘blowback’ theory - largely because the murder of hapless innocents has crossed another line in their embarrassment threshold.’
    • ‘Because of the hypocritical policy of Congress, fascist and obscurantist forces have occupied many important sectors of the country and the process of distortion of democracy is going on.’
    • ‘It is the so-called secularists who, justifying themselves with specious sophistry, join hands with the most obscurantist religious leaders to insist on maintaining the present unequal system.’