Definition of obelia in English:



  • A sedentary colonial coelenterate with upright branching stems bearing minute cups in which the polyps sit.

    Genus Obelia, class Hydrozoa

    • ‘Obelia is used in many zoology textbooks to exemplify the Hydrozoa life cycle.’
    • ‘This slide shows a medusa from the colonial cnidarian Obelia.’
    • ‘Although most of the life of Obelia is spent in the sessile polyp form, medusa buds produced within reproductive polyps called gonangia escape into the water column.’
    • ‘Cnidarians of the genus Obelia form colonies of polyps in their asexual generation.’
    • ‘This is a slide of Obelia, a colonial marine cnidarian that shows a distinct polymorphism in the organization of its members.’
    • ‘In the coelenterate Obelia, the egg develops into a colonial hydroid consisting of a series of branching Hydra-like organisms called polyps.’


Modern Latin, from Greek obelos ‘pointed pillar’.