Definition of oat grass in English:

oat grass


mass noun
  • A wild grass which resembles the oat.

    Avenula and other genera, family Gramineae

    • ‘Gardener Lee of Willow, Alaska, just can't have enough blue oat grass.’
    • ‘He hid inside a tussock of oat grass and watched as the fine thatched house rose up beside the water-hole.’
    • ‘Slender wheatgrass, nodding brome, fringed brome, oat grass, red fescue, June grass, and mountain muhly are the most abundant species in dry areas.’
    • ‘Evergreen grasses, such as sedge, blue oat grass, and some species of feather grass, which only need renewing every 2 to 3 years.’
    • ‘A strategically placed clump of blue oat grass can add a cool touch to the mid-summer garden.’