Definition of oarlock in English:



North American
  • A rowlock.

    • ‘In his opinion, it is very important to have on board: oars, oarlocks, a boat hook, a good knife, a sounder and the mobile phone.’
    • ‘A wooden contraption with a sliding seat and an oarlock place at the edge of the launch.’
    • ‘Given the way my day had gone, I half expected something terrible to happen - another capsize or a broken oarlock.’
    • ‘In the midst of this mess, I turn to see that one of the Sequoia's oars has been wrenched out of its oarlock.’
    • ‘But just as the women were about to make a move to pull even, one of the oars popped out of its oarlock.’
    • ‘Jim was delegated to make the arrangements for boat, oarlocks, oars and confirmation of tide tables.’
    • ‘But, as luck would have it, scarcely had he started to row his boat again when an oarlock broke, and so it took him the best part of an hour to make the trip.’
    • ‘As I explained the mechanical advantages of rowing - the oar as lever, the oarlock as fulcrum, the sliding seat as a tool for harnessing leg power - he nodded, then frowned.’
    • ‘And in 1970, Brown managed to ram the boat into a rock in a rapid called Unkar, splitting the hull from oarlock to oarlock.’
    • ‘This innovative oarlock system design incorporates a new 'tension arm' mechanism within the gate that holds your oar tight against the pin.’