Definition of oafish in English:



  • Rough or clumsy and unintelligent.

    ‘oafish behaviour’
    • ‘To be the object of the oafish affections of such a creature, even when they are honest and profound, cannot be expected to give any genuine joy to a woman of sense and refinement.’
    • ‘He's a nasty, stupid, oafish and worryingly devious main character and put up against Homer, it's inevitable which one the public would go for.’
    • ‘And her smallness fills the room and makes everything else in it seem oafish and awkward in comparison, including me.’
    • ‘He called me a stupid, oafish, little girl in front of EVERYONE the night I met him.’
    • ‘When you meet him, he's this very odd combination of literate Renaissance man and oafish uncle who says embarrassing things that you wish your girlfriend hadn't heard.’
    stupid, foolish, idiotic, cretinous
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