Definition of Nyquist criterion in English:

Nyquist criterion


  • A criterion for determining the stability or instability of a feedback system.

    • ‘Unfortunately, the Nyquist criterion fixes a limit on the maximum frequency to be detected and as a result the Fourier analysis becomes more difficult to interpret.’
    • ‘The Nyquist criterion must still be satisfied with respect to the new lower sampling frequency in order to avoid aliasing.’
    • ‘The Nyquist criterion can therefore also represented by the count of these intersections if the gain of the open loop is positive.’
    • ‘Thus, applying the Nyquist criterion, the resolution of 512 pixel/line images larger than 32 m is limited by sampling frequency, whereas images smaller than 32 m are limited by other aspects of the image acquisition.’
    • ‘Assuming we're dealing with low pass signals - signals where the bandwidth of interest goes from 0 to f MAX, the Nyquist criterion states that our sampling frequency needs to be at least 2 * f MAX.’


1930s: named after Harry Nyquist (1889–1976), Swedish-born American engineer.


Nyquist criterion