Definition of nymphet in English:


(also nymphette)

Pronunciation /nɪmˈfɛt//ˈnɪmfɛt/


  • An attractive and sexually mature young girl.

    ‘a pouting nymphet’
    as modifier ‘a nymphet third wife’
    • ‘Imagine if a 60-something male author wrote a book reclaiming the right of blokes to ogle 17-year-old nymphettes in knickers.’
    • ‘Public policy says teens shouldn't have sex, but commerce bombards us with half-naked nymphets hawking the latest magazine, music, movie, video game, gadget, fashion.’
    • ‘How can they do so, when they want to play heroes all the time and run around trees chasing nymphets!’
    • ‘It must be all the nymphets and the cocktails that keep him young.’
    • ‘Don't you think you should only be seen with twenty-year-old nymphettes?’
    • ‘And I do wonder if I was bobbing up and down on my yacht in the Med with nymphettes rubbing suntan lotion on to my back whether I'd be capable of writing to the same standard.’
    • ‘One often sees a wiggling, Lycra-clad nymphet keeping very incongruous company with her soberly-dressed grandmother.’
    • ‘The plot concerns Texas Ranger Tommy Lee, who must go undercover as a cheerleading coach in order to protect five airheaded nymphets who have witnessed a murder.’
    • ‘Hollywood nymphets cower in the jungle, vainly trying to hide their voluptuousness from James Brown as he looms in the background, poised for another brush with the law.’
    • ‘Actually, we kind of suspect he's long since had all his Suffolk blood replaced with fresh stuff drained from young, nubile nymphets.’
    • ‘The song ended with a call for the nymphette to go home to her mama ‘before we go too far Oh-oh-oh!’’
    • ‘The poor guy loves his wife and children and never touches this succulent nymphet.’
    • ‘Why is it that Indian skippers are suckers to failed nymphets?’
    • ‘We're also seeing a glorification of the nymphet - and she's getting younger and younger.’
    • ‘So what if it is all about forbidden love and doomed sexual obsession for a pre-pubescent nymphet.’
    • ‘So, you've spent the last couple of months salivating before the television screen and not because of any gyrating Bollywood nymphet.’
    • ‘The painting depicts two nymphets lolling on an old red studio couch en plein air, with a low horizon, a big cloud cover and a bright blue pond below the couch.’
    • ‘But in an age ruled by violence/action, item numbers and nubile nymphets, what box-office potential does a philosophical film on a poet have?’
    • ‘Turn on a television anywhere from Idaho to Irkutsk and there he'll be, still leering away and chasing squealing nymphets across drab stretches of suburban parkland.’
    • ‘He falls for the babysitter, Belén, a pulsating nymphette who tells of how she wants her pornstar mother's lover for her own, and it all goes downhill from there - to murder, disappearance or wishful abandonment.’
    girl, belle, maiden, maid, sylph
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1950s: from nymph + -et.