Definition of nux vomica in English:

nux vomica


mass noun
  • 1A spiny southern Asian tree with orange fruit and toxic seeds that are a commercial source of strychnine.

    Strychnos nux-vomica, family Loganiaceae

    • ‘Extracts of nux vomica have been used in some preparations.’
    • ‘The Strychnine tree also known as Nux vomica, is an evergreen tree native to southeast Asia, a member of family Loganiaceae.’
    • ‘De Abano in the fourteenth century included mercury, copper, lapis lazuli, arsenic sublimate, litharge, nux vomica, laurel berries, and hellebore in his De Remedis Venenorum.’
    • ‘The Nux Vomica, we learn, is also known as 'The Poison Tree'.’
    • ‘Belladonna, sepia and nux vomica are among the most common ingredients.’
    1. 1.1 A homeopathic preparation of the nux vomica used especially for the treatment of symptoms of overeating and overdrinking.
      • ‘A homeopathic remedy for hangovers is the attractively-named nux vomica, which is available in most health food stores.’
      • ‘Back pain can be ‘cured’ with horse chestnut and nux vomica.’
      • ‘Other remedies you mentioned: Arnica montana and nux vomica.’
      • ‘I also recommend the remedy nux vomica for sickness following surgery.’
      • ‘Homeopathic remedies, including nux vomica, iris, belladona and others seem to help some headache sufferers.’


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin, from Latin nux ‘nut’ + vomica ‘causing vomiting’ (from vomere ‘to vomit’).


nux vomica

/nʌks ˈvɒmɪkə/