Definition of nutso in English:



North American
  • Mad.

    ‘if you had to work at those screens all day you'd go nutso’
    • ‘We bicker because we love each other to bits and we're both invested in knowledge even when we think the other nutso.’
    • ‘If you believe Melbourne breakfast radio, the whole city has gone nutso this morning in some sort of mass hysteria, melting down switchboards, wanting to know what that big noise/rumble was that woke them at 3 this morning.’
    • ‘She gets to go out on a date with Barry in which he further displays a capacity for nutso violence by trashing the men's room.’
    • ‘Do I have traumatic memories that I have blanked out and will come back to me in a flash and I'll go all nutso?’
    • ‘I spent three hours working on nutso email problems earlier today, but thought I was over it.’
    • ‘The star will play a nutso photographic shop assistant who decides to develop a relationship with Gladiator star Connie Nielsen.’
    • ‘She admitted that part of our family is definitely a little nutso, which was nice to hear confirmed.’
    very keen on, devoted to, infatuated with, in love with, smitten with, enamoured of, hot for
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North American
  • A mad or eccentric person.

    • ‘Franz is the jolly nutso, neo-Nazi musical composer.’
    • ‘Instead of thinking of the worst possible scenario, as you seem to have a habit of doing… what about thinking if there really is some crazy nutso out there who is in love with you?’
    • ‘Anyway, with all the current security concerns in the US and internationally, we would all be better off if this nutso was put away for a couple dozen years.’
    • ‘I just want them identified for the right-wing nutsos that they are.’
    • ‘From a past personal experience I'd definitely recommend that you appear and sound very bored, actually bored to death, when any anonymous nutso calls to insult or scare you over the phone.’
    • ‘Imagine what would happen if a bunch of nutsos seized an elementary school on the Friday before the election and threatened to blow it up if we didn't empty the place.’
    madman, madwoman, maniac, lunatic
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