Definition of nutritive in English:



  • 1Relating to nutrition.

    ‘the food was low in nutritive value’
    • ‘Processing of maize further reduces the nutritive value by removing the outer layers of the kernels, which contain a significant portion of the nutrients.’
    • ‘The present studies were conducted to determine the effects of common corn smut on the ensiling characteristics, palatability, and nutritive value of corn silage.’
    • ‘‘Fatty foods would be judged on their nutritive value per calorie or gram of fat,’ he explained.’
    • ‘Barley is an important energy supplement but there is a large amount of variability in nutritive value among barley varieties.’
    • ‘Proper harvesting and post-harvest handling methods, as well as proper storage of fruits and vegetables not immediately eaten, will help maintain the flavor, texture and nutritive value of the produce.’
    • ‘Bilberry has been used as food for centuries due to its high nutritive value, and today represents a precious wild delicacy.’
    • ‘Milk proteins have a smooth mouth feel and high nutritive and biological value.’
    • ‘The nutritive values of radishes and leaves consist of moderate levels of Vitamins A, B, C, Calcium, Iron, and traces of Phosphorus and Potassium.’
    • ‘Cutting more frequently at earlier stages of maturity results in forage with higher nutritive value but lower yield compared with cutting less frequently at more mature stages of growth.’
    • ‘It was concluded, therefore, that alfalfa had greater nutritive value for horses than timothy or orchardgrass harvested at either the pre- or early-bloom stages.’
    • ‘Unlike vitamins and minerals, the thousands of phytochemicals in plants don't seem to have any nutritive value, but they apparently protect the body against cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.’
    • ‘If you want to cut back a little on carbohydrates, cut back on those that have little or no nutritive value: soft drinks, candy, chips and other high-sugar or high-calorie snack foods.’
    • ‘Therefore, various strategies have been developed to improve the nutritive value of crops by modifying their protein composition through genetic engineering.’
    • ‘Reptiles and birds gulp their food down and hence lose much nutritive value.’
    • ‘Chicory produces leafy growth that is high in nutritive value and mineral content if managed properly.’
    • ‘Herman is looking for new genetic, genomic, and proteomic methods to improve protein, oil, and nutritive value in soybeans.’
    • ‘Food quality and nutritive value can be altered, and food allergies can also be a serious concern.’
    • ‘It is evident that a great deal of variability in the nutritive value exists among barley sources and we are able to account for this variability with measures of chemical constituents.’
    • ‘Avoid foods that contain additives or lack nutritive value.’
    • ‘In addition to preserving much of a plant's nutritive value, no flowering would also mean no pollen and no seeds, which would virtually eliminate the chance of transgene spread.’
    1. 1.1 Providing nourishment; nutritious.
      ‘nutritive food’
      • ‘In other cases, doctors advise change of environment to a pollution-free atmosphere, good nutritive food with multivitamin supplements and plenty of fluids.’
      • ‘People are now conscious of healthy eating - but our taste buds do not want bland and nutritive food.’
      • ‘Earlier they used to provide some nutritive food supplements to the poor patients.’
      • ‘In the nutritive sphere, food is partially cooked by the stomach, and then moved in the form of chyle to the liver where it is heated further.’
      • ‘She said that it could be effectively overcome by the consumption of highly nutritive foods.’
      nourishing, good for one, full of nourishment, full of nutrients, wholesome, healthy, health-giving, healthful, beneficial, sustaining, strengthening
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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin nutritivus, from nutrire ‘feed, nourish’.