Definition of nutjob in English:



  • A mad or crazy person.

    • ‘Now you are reduced to playing Good Cop for religious nut jobs you would have spat on back in the day.’
    • ‘Consider those nutjobs who believe that human life on Earth was seeded by aliens from outer space.’
    • ‘Perhaps they were religious nutjobs determined to prove that infidelity was a minor aberration.’
    • ‘Instead, give it to me, a non-religious wacko nutjob!’
    • ‘And, you know, there are fringes and nut jobs on both sides.’
    • ‘Me: I don't think she's that much of a nutjob.’
    • ‘Vega is seen here as vicious and impossibly vain, but not quite the psycho nutjob of the Japanese anime movie.’
    • ‘The nutjobs were holed up inside a trailer home, which has walls made out of stuff that is barely thicker than cardboard.’
    • ‘The old Left would never have been a lackey for religious nutjobs.’
    • ‘A visiting nut-job from the USA tells us to close down all prisons.’
    • ‘There began my lifelong attachment to the idea that most people are total nut jobs.’
    • ‘Then again, I didn't want to appear like a complete nut job.’
    • ‘I personally think that giving religious nutjobs nuclear weapons is an excellent idea.’
    • ‘Look at what the nutjobs are doing around the world now!’
    • ‘Here, one little nutjob decides that the wound on her leg is kinda cool.’
    • ‘He wondered if he hadn't fallen head over tail for a real nut-job.’
    • ‘Common methods of birth control are abortion, according to the rightwing nutjobs trying to get their hands on your private parts.’
    • ‘The episode last week featured a bunch of well armed bible bashing nut jobs having a shoot out with the feds.’
    • ‘One necessary survival skill for living in New York City is knowing how to dispatch random nutjobs who approach you in public without pissing them off.’
    • ‘If disgraceful behaviour is putting up with fat old nutjobs like her, then they must have been doing something right.’
    lunatic, maniac, psychotic, psychopath, schizophrenic
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