Definition of nut oil in English:

nut oil


mass noun
  • Oil obtained from the kernels of nuts and used in cooking and to make paints and varnishes.

    • ‘There is also macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and divine macadamia nougat.’
    • ‘She said she had a nut allergy and whatever she had should not contain added nuts or nut oil.’
    • ‘Add the honey, two more tablespoons of olive oil and the nut oil, plus lime juice and some seasoning.’
    • ‘As these countries develop, an influx of global food retailers is likely to relegate peanuts to the role of a cash crop, to produce ground nut oil.’
    • ‘Nuts and nut oil are increasingly being used in cooking and can often be a hidden ingredient in dishes such as lasagne, salads and desserts.’
    • ‘A promising Scots runner died from eating a sandwich that contained nut oil.’
    • ‘Their caramel - sweetness then makes a sophisticated winter salad with bitter greens (endive, chicory), crumbled blue cheese, a sprinkling of freshly shelled walnuts or pecans, tossed in nut oil and sherry vinegar.’
    • ‘On low speed, slowly add pine nut oil and remaining olive oil in a thin stream so the pesto will emulsify.’
    • ‘Megalium, the great creation of the Roman perfumer Megallus, was made of balsam, rush, reed, behen nut oil, cassia and resin.’
    • ‘After all, she isn't allergic to potatoes. ‘They might be cooked in nut oil,’ says Plaxy, ‘or contaminated with the tomatoes used in the garnish.’’
    • ‘There is a growing interest in organically wild harct such as manjeti nut oil, baobab oil and fruit, marula oil and mpundu nut oil.’
    • ‘But this disc would have to mow your lawn, offer you a full blown sensual massage with warm Kukui nut oil, and make you a Chicago style deep dish pizza before it would even approach being purchasable.’
    • ‘The food is gastropubby (crispy Cornish haddock and chips fried in nut oil and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and toast, among others, all paired with beers) but it's the bitter ale selection that makes Americans salivate.’
    • ‘Government scientists are proposing a new method to combat the spread of the deadly MRSA bug and other infections in hospitals - cashew nut oil.’
    • ‘Then the board was stained with bark or charcoal and finished with glossy nut oil.’
    • ‘To serve, divide the mixed fruit and juices between four plates, scatter over the almonds, chocolate and sesame seeds, then drizzle with the nut oil.’
    • ‘Trade expanded, and they began to sell not only venison, hides, and furs, but also honey, beeswax, hickory nut oil, and other produce.’
    • ‘Severe allergy sufferers can be so sensitive to nut products that a reaction can be triggered by some cleaning products, plastics and make-up in which nut oil is used.’
    • ‘Sandalwood shavings are burned and mixed into a poultice with fish bones and kukui nut oil to remove moles.’
    • ‘Kukui nut oil is one of nature's best moisturizers.’